Fourth Dimension Fellowship conference registration is $325.00 

Registration includes Workshops, activities, speaker meetings, morning coffee & donuts, Lunch Friday & Saturday, Banquet Saturday night, and sunday Breakfast 


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to all registered attendees ON TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 2024 


Get ready for Fourth Dimension Fellowship 2024!!! 

Let’s come together with Love and Joy to get reacquainted with old friends and to make new sober ones as we celebrate 7 years of FDF!!!

The FDF Committee is working hard putting together some amazing Workshops and Speakers, along with lots of fun activities to WOW you.  

This event promises to leave you with even greater moments and special memories!!! 

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Fourth Dimension is a wonderful conference. Every workshop I attended blew me away. They were experiential and interactive which set them apart from so many others I’ve done. On top of getting to see and spend time with some of my dearest sober friends I’ve made in sobriety from all over the country, we get to spend the weekend in Palm Springs/Indian Wells. I can’t wait to go back year after year.

Greg H.
Dallas, TX

Fourth dimension fellowship was an intimate and powerful conference combining fun in sobriety with unique ways to enhance my spiritual tools. It brought me closer to who my higher power wants me to be. The workshops were unlike anything I’d experienced at other AA roundups and in turn I had an opportunity to dig deeper than before. I’m grateful for this unique experience and meeting lifelong friends from across the country. Fourth dimension fellowship gave me a closer relationship with the keys of the kingdom.

Jordan S.
West Hollywood CA

Fourth Dimension Fellowship gifted me a new perspective I wasn’t expecting on getting. I arrived to Fourth Dimension thinking I would have a great time with my friends and possibly make some new ones.I did get that. It was a blast. But i also had the opportunity to grow in my sobriety. I got sober from drugs and alcohol and was told that they were but a symptom. Which I agree. Fourth dimension catered to that with different workshops everyday. One being the Sex, Love and Intimacy workshop . In a room filled with over 100 gay men I was able to say that I use sex and love as a drug and I need help. The overwhelming relief followed by the support of these men was out of this world. I was rocketed to a Fourth Dimension.

Armando M. West Hollywood CA

I’m Jason D. I’m 27 years old and I live in West Hollywood California. I’ve been sober 6 years and have gone to many many Palm Springs gay sober men’s retreats. I attended Fourth Dimension Fellowship during its inaugural year, and i have to say I can’t wait for this year’s pow wow! Not only did I win the karaoke contest, I also got to be a part of the raffle where I dressed up in drag as my sober pregnant  persona Maria Lopez. FDF differs from other sober retreats and that it provides a very intimate space with a limited amount of attendees. And unlike past retreats I have been on, the weekend overall is a lot more focused on fellowship and recovery rather than “who’s hotel room can I get into next.” Of course it’s up to one’s own intentions of what the weekend will be, but the overall vibe was pretty aligned.  That made for a very comforting and rewarding experience, at least for me. Connecting with old friends and making new ones was also a bright spot of the convention. I look forward to going back this year and slaying the karaoke contest again!

Jason D. West Hollywood CA

“I seriously can’t thank the committee and all who helped make FDF happen. I couldn’t have begun to imagine the weight that this conference has and how it’s helped shift a lot of things for my recovery that have been necessary. Gratitude can’t begin to describe my feelings toward this last weekend. Until next year FDF…”

~ Steven C

“I’m so exhausted in a good way! With help from the 4D workshops (emphasis on work). I was able to identify challenges (Fears) that were blocking me from achieving a deeper spiritual experience, the work must continue. Thanks to the 4D committee for producing such an amazing event. I’ll see you next year… “

~ Jeffery J

“I had contemplated canceling last minute due to my anxiety and struggles being around large groups of gay men. I had been obsessing over it all week. I shared about this in the Icebreakers workshop and little bit of the internalized homophobia part. Even after 11 years sober, I still get terrified and want to hide but I am glad that I showed up not for myself but for others.”

~ Chris M